Welcome to Park Mountain – Snowbiker Style

Here’s how we describe our favorite riding areas. All of this will be supported by our map package, and downloadable GPS waypoints.

Lower Mountain (Left)

Lower Cutbock (Intermediate)

This is really the first place to get off the trail for a little powder fun. There is a creek down the middle to be aware of. Not a great place for beginners. Take them up a bit further so they don’t start their day thundered after being stressed and getting stuck.

Winter On Endor (Intermediate+)

A local favorite. Sometimes challenging with deep snow. Watch for 2 gullies down low. If you find yourself in one of these gullies, turn downslope immediately for a relatively easy ride out. Once uphill of the gullies you will experience some of the best tree riding we have ever found. If you keep an eye on where the main trail is, it is pretty easy to meet up with riding buddies at Centre Tree Pond to regroup and share good times.

Lower Mountain (Right)

Sour Shoes (Advanced)

This is a large and diverse area with occasional challenges. Mature trees, some creeks, and some areas get tight. You can go in a ways from the trail, but you will be well served by running somewhat parallel to the trail (keep left and slowly going uphill). If you go in too deep, there is a good chance of being turned around by very dense trees and some draws that will take you away from the riding areas.

Lower Mountain (Central)

Centre Tree Pond (Beginner)

This is a great meeting place for people exploring Winter on Endor. This is also a bit of a junction in the trail where most people will go “Right” to the main riding areas and the Cabin. Going “Straight” from the main trail will take you around the back to Taylor Cutblock and the filming location for The Snowbike Swarm.

Mixed Nuts (Advanced Trees)

A nice combination of some trees and some summer wetland meadows to play in. Watch out for creeks – especially when the lighting is pretty flat.

All of this will be supported by our map package, and downloadable GPS waypoints.

Mid Mountain – Right

Not Too Shabby (Intermediate)

This is a large area characterized by some pretty good tree riding, and a handful of small to large meadows where you can get your Carvin’ on! Beware of creeks in the meadows, especially if visibility is poor. Crashy get stucky.

Cupcake Assassin (Advanced)

Tree riding through undulating terrain. Not the easiest trees as sometimes they get a wee bit thick and tricky if you are not able to plan your lines way ahead.

Full Throttle Hill (Advanced)

This steep hill with mature trees is a lot of fun, but sometimes impossible when the snow is really deep. This is one of the best tree sections on Park Mountain if you like steep slopes, big obstacles, and terrain that you really have to be a “Thinking Rider” to ride well.

Mr. Big (Intermediate)

There are some really big trees in this undulating terrain. The small interspaced meadows area is great for hacking a nut and then taking off back into the trees.

5 Piece Chicken Dinner (Advanced)

A somewhat dodgy area with clearing, thick tree clumps, and some steeper hills.

Taylor Cutblock (Beginner)

This large clearing with juvenile trees is a common meeting point and it is a frequently ridden area as people head up into the higher country. Watch for stumps, a central creek, and steep road ditches that claims lots of snowbikers.

Upper Mountain

Front Side Runs (Beginner – Intermediate)

This area looks like ski hill runs. Zoom up and down or across. They can be a lot of fun, especially if the lighting is good.

Tower Run (Beginner – Intermediate)

A lot of people like to zip to the top of the mountain and look around. If you stick to the main trail straight up from the cabin, it’s a beginner run, unless the snow is crazy deep. For those looking for more adventure, there are easy off-trail routes that are more challenging. There are also some jump and pivot turn opportunities in the immediate area of the Tower.

Backside Trees

Time Bomb (Advanced)

This is the hard way to the backside of Park and getting into Nelson Mountain. There are some rather steep downhill pitches in here that you may all of a sudden be somewhat committed to. We don’t ride this area much, so there may be bigger hazards than we are aware of right now.

Backside Runz (Intermediate – Advanced)

Steep trees and open areas. Some exposure. For us, this area was fun on sleds (a few years back now), and we can find more entertaining terrain for snowbikes. If going this way, we generally “pass through”. Better challenges await our attention.

If the snow conditions and weather accommodate, this can be a lot of fun. It’s totally condition dependant.

Boulder McBustyStuff (Intermediate – Advanced)

Minefield of death and destruction, or the most joyous place on earth? For us, Boulder McBustyStuff has been both. Well, not death, but some serious brokenness of both body and steed (on separate occasions). This area is a nice slope that has some boulder “Features” that may, or may not, be fluffy jumps.

Far End Trees & Sub-Alpine

Side Cabin Trees (Beginner – Intermediate)

This is a small area with clumps of trees.There is some nice and predictable terrain in here and it is close to the Cabin. Going downhill from this area will get your into thicker trees and steeper terrain which is not recommended.

The Meadows Beyond (Beginner – Intermediate)

There are some nice runs back here with some decent open areas and slopes. If visibility is good, this is a great place to be!